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NDH Kids is back in 2017 ! Registrations are closed !

What is NDH Kids ?

It’s a day dedicated to the young people from 8 to 16 years-old who love to experiment, learn and seek for a great time through fun, and creative workshops.

Electronics, programming, tests of physical phenomenon and chemical reactions and experiments, will be entertained by renowned pedagogues in each of the fields proposed.

This free event will take place at Hôtel New York, Disneyland Paris while free meals and snacks will be provided to the young fellows.

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Attention, the pass for the NDHKIDS doesn't grant you access to the Nuit du Hack.


Registrations are closed.

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More workshops will be published soon, follow us on Twitter to keep updated @NDH_Kids


This year there will be something for everyone on the lab stand at NDH Kids: electronics, sewing, and creativity. Safe bets and new ones, you must choose !

Initiation to Lock Picking

You will get a taste of hacking through a lockpicking initiation using spy tools. Kids will learn how simple locks work and how to bypass their security.

Initiation to cryptology

Kids will be practicing in the world of cryptography with the discovery of the Caesar cipher, which is an historical method to encrypt a message, through a fun scenario back in time of the ancient Egypt. Decrypting of a secret message and the responding with an unintelligible message will be covered.

Programming learning

Introduction to programming with Scratch platform, intuitive and colorful blocks. After learning how to animate drawings, the more daring will can create small video games.

Chemistry learning

A chemistry workshop which will teach children to write hidden messages with invisible ink that appears with a trick! They will also discover explosive chemical reactions by creating their own volcano.


Contact : kids@nuitduhack.com
Twitter : @NDH_Kids and @hackerzvoice
Facebook : NDHkids by Esiea and Nuit Du Hack